About TrackDen

What is TrackDen?

TrackDen is a browser extension that let's you create playlists from your Bandcamp collection and automates many of the tasks involved in organising your online music collection.

You can store and manage your Bandcamp music collection offline and organise it into custom playlists before you commit to purchasing songs. So you don't have to lose those special tracks just because you haven't bought them ...yet.

Take the hassle out of managing and preparing lists of music purchases and streamline your music management process with TrackDen.

You're able to sync your wishlist, cart and collection and perform actions on multiple songs and whole playlists at once.

Edit song details and prices, export and import lists of songs and create backups of your music collection.


  • Sync your collection, cart and wishlist.
  • Add individual songs and whole albums to your library.
  • Link songs to multiple playlists at once.
  • Preview songs in your playlists without navigating to individual pages.
  • Update track meta data such as price, BPM counts and more.
  • Perform actions such as adding to your wishlist or cart on multiple songs at once, directly from the extension.
  • Export and import playlists to and from files.
  • Create backups of your library.

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How does TrackDen work?

Add music details to your library as you browse online music stores, with a click of the extension, song details are retrieved and added locally to your library.

You're then able to organise the items into playlists and perform actions such as adding to your wishlist and cart

Instead of browsing to each individual item's webpage and performing actions, TrackDen allows you to automate these tasks for multiple items at once.

Does TrackDen collect any user data?

We do not specifically collect any user data. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.

How is TrackDen financed?

Currently, TrackDen relies on donations from the commmunity as a source of financing. We do not recieve any funding from the music platforms or artists and do not process any payments. In time, there may be a move to monetize the extension with more upgraded features.

Read the docs for more information