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TrackDen extension on Macbook

Supported platforms

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A tool to match your collection.

How it works

Easily add and manage music.

Add a track or album to your library.

As you browse Bandcamp, add tracks that you want to potentially buy or use down the line to your library using the extension icon.

Adding a song from Bandcamp.com to your TrackDen library.
Linking a song in your library to a custom playlist

Add your track to a playlist.

Once added, assign and delink your tracks to multiple playlists at once.

Edit track details.

Manually add tracks, update titles, BPM counts, prices and more.

Editing a song's details.
Adding songs to your online Bandcamp.com wishlist

Action your tracks.

Add your tracks to your wishlist and cart or purchase individual tracks or entire playlists at once.

All your tracks, in one place.

Get a birds eye view of all your tracks and playlists with currency conversions and counts.

Home view of track counts and prices
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