Playlist actions

Add and edit playlists

Organize your music library by creating playlists.

Playlist section with a summary of track counts and prices

You are able to create unlimited playlists for you to organize your songs into.

Adding a new playlist form
  1. Click on the icon in the 'Playlist' search section in the left side navigation menu
  2. Complete the playlist details
  3. Click Save

You are also able to add a playlist 'on the fly'. When you perform a 'Quick Add', you are able to search for a playlist and if it does not exist, quickly add and link it to the current song.

Playlist search bar with quick add button
  1. On the selected track panel, type in a new name of a playlist in the playlist search bar
  2. Click on the icon
  3. The playlist will be created and linked to the current track

  1. Select the playlist
  2. Click on the edit icon in the top playlist bar
  3. Update the details and Save

  1. Select the playlist
  2. Click on the bin icon in the top playlist bar
  3. Confirm the removal
The playlist will be removed from your library and any tracks linked will no longer be linked to that playlist