Playlist actions

Exporting and importing playlists

Share and store your playlist tracks externally by exporting them.

Upload box for importing a CSV file of songs

You're able to export and import tracks to and from a CSV (Comma Seperated Values) file. This allows you to share your tracks with others, restore historical tracks and keep an external record of your library.

Exporting playlist tracks, exports the title, artist, album and URL of the track, and does not include things like prices or status.

  1. Select the tracks you want to export from the playlist
  2. Click the export icon
  3. The tracks will be exported to a file with the name of {Playlist Name}{Date}.csv

    Exported file name picture

Importing playlist tracks, imports the title, artist, album and URL of the track. TrackDen then goes and pulls the latest information such as price for these tracks.

  1. On a playlist, click on the import icon
  2. Upload your CSV file in the format of "Title, Artist, Album, URL"
  3. The tracks will be imported into your library, and linked to the current playlist.