Playlist actions

Filtering and sorting playlist tracks

Organise and filter your playlist tracks as you like them.

Screenshot of playlist filtering section

You are able to filter the current playlist tracks via a number of fields and values.

Title Filter tracks by title Artist Filter tracks by artist Album Filter tracks by album BPM Filter tracks by BPM. Drag the BPM slider to create a range of tracks to search for. If a track have not been configured with a BPM then they it be included in the results. Sources Filters tracks by their source i.e. 'Bandcamp' / 'External' Status Filter tracks based on their status, i.e. Wishlisted, In Cart and Purchased Tags Filter tracks based on their tags. Start typing and select the matching tags to include them in the search

You're able to re-order your playlist tracks by dragging them up or down the playlist.

  1. Open one of your custom playlists
  2. Grab the track you want to move up or down by clicking on the icon on the left of the track
  3. Drop the track in the new position

Header row of playlist tracks section

You're able to visually change the order of tracks to understand similar tracks in terms of things like artists, BPM counts and price.

This does not alter the actual order of the tracks, its purely for appearance.

To order your playlist, simply click the header item that you want to sort by.