Collection syncing

You're able to pull your purchased collection from Bandcamp into TrackDen as well as pull other people's publically available wishlists.

Dashboard view showing all the track counts and price estimates

Your collection is all the tracks you have purchased from Bandcamp.

Purchases box showing track counts and prices for your Bandcamp purchased collection

Click on VIEW and you will be taken to your online Bandcamp purchased collection.

Syncing your collection involves TrackDen fetching the details of all the items currently in your Bandcamp wishlist, after which these tracks will be matched and their details retrieved, then added to TrackDen.

You're able to pull in other people's collection's if they are publically available, you just need to update the Bandcamp username in your settings.

  1. Click on sync collection
  2. You will be redirected to the chosen collection and TrackDen will go and fetch all the items and update your library
    Loading bar showing fetch progress
  3. Once the items have been fetched, they need to be matched and their full details retrieved from Bandcamp
  4. You will get an indication of how long this will take once the sync is running.
    Notification showing collection syncing progress
Taking a while?
Depending on the amount of tracks and albums, syncing large amounts of items will take some.
Ensure that you don't refresh or leave the TrackDen dashboard until the sync is complete.
Go touch some grass, give your mom a call, hug a loved one...
Not seeing all your items?
Sometimes, tracks are missed in the sync. Each time you sync your collection, your existing collection items won't be synced. Sync your collection a few times to pick up any lost items.
If you want to quickly export your purchases along with prices, click on the print reciepts